Whole House Fans

Whole House Fan

Whole house fans are an affordable ventilation solution for California homeowners looking to cool down their houses without paying for expensive air conditioning and raising their carbon footprint. Whole house fans help reduce energy consumption from air conditioning and are an integral component of a home's energy efficiency features in many of the state's different climate zones.

The Clean Energy Connection connects you with qualified local whole house fan contractors who can help

  • Keep your home cool

  • Lower your cooling bills

  • Reduce unnecessary energy use

A Cost-Effective, Environmentally Friendly Ventilation Solution for Your Home

Whole house fans remove hot indoor air quickly by drawing cooler outdoor air into your home. For houses in California where temperatures reliably drop at night (most of the state), homeowners strategically use whole house fans to "reset" the indoor temperature overnight.

Using a whole house fan is not only more cost-effective than relying on air conditioning, but it also uses far less energy, reducing the strain on the grid and promoting environmentally friendly home energy practices.

Find the Right Company for Your Whole House Fan Installation Project

Many contractors install whole house fans, but not all of them do so correctly. The Clean Energy Connection makes the process of finding expert help for your whole house fan installation easy. Our 100% free, easy-to-use directory helps connect homeowners to qualified contractors throughout the state. Clean Energy Connection contractors specialize in clean energy services, including mini-splitinstallation, solar PV panel installation,insulation upgrades, and more!

Whether you're looking to electrify your home or reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint, our website can help you find the right company for the job.

Stay cool for less with the right whole house fan installer for your home.