How It Works

The Clean Energy Connection serves:

  1. California homeowners exploring new construction, remodeling, or retrofit projects
  2. California Contractors offering high quality, clean energy services and solutions

So , how does the Clean Energy Connection accomplish this throughout the state of California?

How the Clean Energy Connection Works

For Homeowners

Our directory is full of qualified contractors that complete clean energy projects throughout California. Every contractor in the Clean Energy Connection directory has passed a thorough vetting process which includes license verification and customer reference checks. You can filter search results by contractor specialty, location, rebate or incentive offers, and more to zero in on exactly the right professional for your project. From there, select a contractor and contact them directly using the simple email form – no middleman and no fine print! You’re in control of the process from start to finish – request and compare quotes, schedule consultations, or just start planning your project right away.

Contractors on the Clean Energy Connection contractors are subject to ongoing customer satisfaction surveys from customers just like you. Positive customer feedback, and evidence of clean energy projects in the work scope, improve rankings. Contractor ranking increases the likelihood of being listed in your search results. The end result is your search results are prioritized based on real customer feedback from actual projects.


For Contractors

If you are a California contractor that specializes in clean energy and energy efficiency work, we want to list your company on the Clean Energy Connection directory. Enrollment is free and easy:

1. Complete the CEC enrollment form

Following submission, we’ll review your enrollment and complete the vetting process, which includes license verification and contacting customer references. Once approved, we will conduct ongoing quality control through license status checks, verification that clean energy work is being completed, and customer satisfaction surveys.

Customer satisfaction surveys that showcase a high percentage of clean energy projects and consistently good feedback receive higher priority in CEC directory search results. Over time, positive customer survey results can make your company more visible in the directory, promoting your company as one of the highest quality clean energy contractors, resulting in more leads.


Ready to find a contractor you can trust for your clean energy home upgrade?