Smart Home Controls

Smart Home Control Thermostat

Smart Home Controls 

Homeowners in California looking to electrify their homes are doing so for various reasons. Still, one of the biggest is to waste less energy and lower their home’s carbon footprint. Programmable or smart thermostats and other home control devices provide you and your family with far more control over the energy efficiency of your homes, leading to:

  • Reduced energy waste 

  • Lower electricity bills without sacrificing indoor comfort

  • A greener home that’s better for the environment

Through the Clean Energy Connection, you can locate qualified contractors throughout California who specialize in smart thermostat and home control installation near you. 

What Are the Benefits of a Programmable Thermostat? 

Programmable thermostats help reduce energy waste in your home, as you can automatically set your HVAC system to run on a customizable schedule, saving energy by not running (or running at a lower setting) when you’re away at work or asleep at night. The average smart thermostat can save homeowners as much as 10% on their annual heating and cooling costs.

Wifi-enabled thermostats and other smart home controls take things a step further. From these advanced devices, you can control your home’s HVAC systems (including humidity controls, whole-home ventilation, and filtration) and even other wireless-enabled appliances, lighting, and devices anywhere with an internet connection, like your smartphone.

Find a Smart Home Control Installer Near You in California 

If you’re looking for contractors who install smart or wireless thermostats and other home control devices, you may have trouble finding the right one for your home.

The Clean Energy Connection is a 100% free online directory of California clean energy contractors. We vet companies for all required licensing as well as a track record of delivering exceptional customer service. You can sort through the directory quickly by location and contractor name and can also narrow down the specific services you’re looking for, from smart home controls to other home electrification and energy efficiency services, including:

Find a qualified clean energy contractor for your California home today.