Heat Pumps Ductless (mini-splits)

Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split

Many California homeowners use mini split heat pumps to replace their existing heating and cooling systems or as a supplement to condition hard-to-reach areas of their homes. Plus, if it’s time to replace your old air conditioner, furnace, or package system, mini splits can offer the zoning capabilities and efficiency you’ve been missing.

Whatever the case may be, the Clean Energy Connection can help you find a mini split installation contractor you can trust to upgrade and electrify your home.

Use the Clean Energy Connection to Find Your Contractor

Because they offer all electric heating and cooling, ducted and ductless heat pump mini splits are an integral part of the electrification process for homes in California. Whether you want to use a mini split for a single room in your house or as a whole-home solution, the contractor you choose for installation can make a big difference in how satisfied you are with your clean energy project.

Using the Clean Energy Connection, homeowners can find expert mini split installers in their area. Businesses don’t pay us to be listed. We have no financial stake in which contractor you choose—our goal is to connect homeowners with contractors who are committed to clean energy and provide outstanding customer service.


Maximize the Impact of Your Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split Installation

Sure, mini splits keep you comfortable year round while using clean energy. But when done correctly, your mini split installation will also reduce your carbon footprint. Utilizing energy that doesn’t require fossil fuels (like natural gas and oil) can lower your impact on the local and global environment. So why wouldn’t you want to choose from the best contractors available to complete your project?

Ready to find a trusted heat pump mini split installation contractor near you?