Clean Energy Projects

Home Electrification Upgrades Graphic

Electrification Projects

Many California homeowners are electrifying their homes and replacing gas appliances and systems that use fossil fuel. Not only is home electrification better for the environment, but many upgrades will run more efficiently, saving you money on operating costs. With more and more municipalities in the state passing natural gas bans, it’s smart to get ahead of the curve and go green at home now, so you can:

  • Eliminate fossil fuel use
  • Lower your home’s carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Save money with greater energy efficiency
  • Take advantage of any local utility rebates and incentives
  • Maximize the benefits of solar panel installation
insulation installation in attic

Home Performance Projects

Home performance services make a house more comfortable and healthier while also reducing heating and cooling costs by improving energy efficiency. For California homeowners interested in electrifying their home, home performance upgrades can:

  • Lower a home’s overall electricity use
  • Reduce energy waste
  • Improve indoor air quality

Find the right home performance contractor to help create a more sustainable home, lowering your heating and cooling costs.

Zero Net Energy House

Zero Net Energy Projects

A zero net energy home generates enough energy through on-site renewable sources to cover 100% of the energy use in the home. These high-performance homes:

  • Reduce carbon emissions and lower your home’s carbon footprint
  • Eliminate monthly energy costs (including electricity and heating and cooling bills)
  • Create healthier and more comfortable indoor environments for your family