EV Charging

EV Charging

EV Charging

Electric vehicles play a significant role in fighting climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout California, the country, and the world. Electrifying your home includes the garage and the vehicles you store in it, and installing an EV charger helps further reduce your carbon footprint, especially when paired with a solar PV and a solar battery system.

Find a qualified electric vehicle charger installation company near you in California with the Clean Energy Connection.

Faster Electric Vehicle Charging, Cleaner Energy

The typical 110v outlet in a home will charge most electric vehicles on the market, but it takes a considerable amount of time to recharge an almost empty battery. Dedicated 240v outlets will charge your electric vehicle more quickly, so whether you have a Tesla, Chevy Bolt, Ford Mustang, Nissan Leaf, or other model EV, you'll benefit from fast EV charging.

Aside from the convenience of avoiding public EV charging stations, installing an EV charger at home gives California homeowners with solar panels a considerable advantage, as they can use free and clean solar energy to charge their vehicles. 

Find the Right California EV Charger Installation Company

Choosing between different electrification and energy efficiency contractors can be difficult with so many options available. How can you pick a company that's not only invested in clean energy initiatives but also has the customer service and experience needed to do the job right?

The Clean Energy Connection solves this problem. The CEC is a free, exclusive directory of local California clean energy contractors. Companies don't pay us to be on this list—in fact, we vet them to ensure they're licensed and have a track record of delivering exceptional customer service. With easy access to qualified companies that offer an array of clean energy services across the state, you'll find the right contractor for your home quickly.

Update your home with EV charger installation.