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Battery Storage

Electrifying your home is about eliminating the use of harmful fossil fuels in your house, but it's also important to take advantage of CLEAN electricity. Electric utilities don't always generate electricity from "clean" or renewable sources (about a third of the electricity generated in California is from burning fossil fuels), so the more energy you're able to use from clean sources, the better.

A solar battery storage system allows California homeowners with solar PV (photovoltaic) panels to store the excess electricity they generate for later use. Storing excess electricity generated by your panels provides several advantages and can help you maximize your solar panels and further reduce your carbon footprint.

With the Clean Energy Connection, it's easier than ever to find a qualified solar battery installer who can help you right-size and install a battery storage system that's right for your home.

The Benefits of Battery Storage for Your California Home

  • Use more of the electricity your solar panels produce

  • Power your home with more clean energy

  • Reduce your energy bills by using more free electricity

  • Keep power on at your house during outages and PSPS events

  • Help stabilize the energy grid for your fellow Californians during peak demand periods

Connecting battery storage to your solar panels gives you a variety of options when it comes to powering the electric appliances and systems in your home. You can use free, clean solar energy and electricity generated by your panels any time of day, not just when the sun is shining, which can also help you avoid expensive time-of-use rates from your utility.

Plus, battery storage can help you keep the power on during Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) or rolling blackouts that arise due to wildfires and grid strain that are unfortunately becoming more and more commonplace throughout the state.

Find a Qualified Battery Storage Installer Through the Clean Energy Connection

It’s important to find a contractor experienced in solar battery storage installation and will work with you to find the right, long-lasting electricity solution for your California home. Your contractor should select the right size battery storage system for your home, install it properly, and assist you with battery storage incentives and rebates (battery storage is solar tax credit eligible under certain circumstances).

The Clean Energy Connection is a 100% free online directory that helps connect California homeowners with qualified local contractors invested in clean energy solutions. Our team vets every company listed, and we use ongoing customer satisfaction surveys to ensure that the contractors listed continue to provide stellar service.

Find a contractor to help you add battery storage to your California home.